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  Warbird Notes - Randy L. Sohn - New Notes added, 46 thru 56 *
  Technical Order No. 02-1-38 - Use o Alternate Grade Fuel - Aircraft Engines
  P-51D Mustang - FAA 337 Emergency Fuel Injection
  Specified and Alternate Grade Fuel for Aircraft-Engine Combinations
  Things that may or may not happen when you push the feather button - Tim Jackson
  One Second on the Course with Dreadnought - Tom Fey
  Where have all the flowers gone? - Richard Hess


  Civil Pilot Accident Experience with High Performance Military Surplus Aircraft - Dr. Dick Snyder
  AD Compliance for Experimental Aircraft - Richard Hess
  Situational Awareness - Richard Hess
  Negative Transfer & Thorough Training - Richard Hess
  Emergency Bailout Procedures for Pilots - Allen Silver
  Silver Parachute Safety Seminars - Allen Silver
  Brake Dancing - Richard Hess
  As the Prop Turns - Richard Hess
  ISSUE # 2007-17 Good Job Recovering the Missouri Wing TBM - John Lohmar
  Cockpit Discipline and the Low-Visibility Approach - Fred George
  Exploring High-Altitude Physiology - Robert Rossier
  Surviving Partial Ejection from A-6 Aircraft - Mark Gallagher
  Hotels could be hazardous to your health - Captain R H Kauffman


  Anatomy of a Warbird Type rating - Part 1 - Tim Jackson
  Check Ride Guide - Tim Jackson


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