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Fighter Formation Qualification Program

Fighter Formation
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The Fighter Formation Qualification Program uses formation procedures proven through more than 50 years of USAF fighter operations and in actual combat.

Flying fighters, although great fun, is serious and demanding. Flying formation in these aircraft is not a game. As in the military, it demands professionalism, skill and knowledge.

Formation means teamwork. Unlike teamwork in most endeavors, the lives of our team rest with each member of the formation. It is the responsibility of each formation pilot to know the material in the Fighter Formation Fundamentals manual and conduct all operations professionally and safely.

Each member of the formation has something to contribute if the team is to perform correctly, professionally and safely. Regardless of the formation used, each has one thing in common a dependence on all members of the formation. Teamwork is vital to the successful accomplishment of every formation flight.

Formation, more than any other type of flying, builds confidence and teaches self-reliance and self-discipline. Discipline is a state of mind, an attitude that is knowing the rules and parameters, recognizing deviations and making expeditious, controlled corrections.

Learning to fly sound, safe formation takes a great deal of study, practice, discipline and professionalism. You must have discipline and you must trust your leader. Good formation does not come easily. Your actions reflect on everyone flying fighters in formation, so stay up to speed and use your head.

Wingman Qualification Checklist

The following checklist outlines the chronology of events to receive the Fighter Formation Qualification Card:




Complete initial formation training in an advance trainer type aircraft (T-6, T-34).




Use the Contact area below to request the Fighter Formation Qualification Program documents and manual. Upon receipt of your payment, you will be emailed all documentation, a test authorization code and link to the online test area.




Study the Fighter Formation Fundamentals manual in depth. Become very familiar with this manual, as it is the basis for everything we do.




When ready, take the 50 question written test online. Your authorization code that you received must be entered in the appropriate area on the testing webpage for your exam to be marked. This test must be successfully completed prior to scheduling an in-flight evaluation.




Contact a fighter lead and make arrangements to fly with them. Once the flight lead feels you are prepared, he/she will recommend you for the check ride.




Have your flight lead contact one of the check pilots to schedule a check ride.




Once the check ride is successfully completed, have the check pilot contact Dave Folk to have the Fighter Formation Qualification Card issued.

Fighter Formation Check Pilots

Fighter Formation Fundamental Newsletters

The following documents are from the Fighter Formation Qualification Programs archives. There may be some information that has been updated recently, therefore; if any doubt exists, please contact the Fighter Formation Qualification Program Administrator using the Contact area below.

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1999 - Special Emphasis Items

1999 - Fighter Turn Performance


Fighter Formation Qualification Program
Frank Kimmel, Administrator


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