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Home Base: Galveston, TX
Operation: Western and Central USA
Model: PT-13D
Wing Span:
32' 2"
Length: 24' 3"
Height: 9' 2"
Max Speed: 124 mph
Gross Weight: 2,717 lbs
Power Plant: Continental W-670
Horsepower: 220
Fuel Capacity: 46 gallons
Armament: none

LSFM's Boeing PT-13D Stearman

The Lone Star Flight Museum (LSFM)
is the owner and operator of this Boeing PT-13D Stearman (S/N 42-109078), which is available for airshows, flybys, film and warbird rides at airshows within Texas.

The Boeing Stearman was manufactured as an initial training aeroplane by Boeing Aircraft Company (Witchita Division), which eventually constructed at least 8500 Stearmans, or more than 10,300 if one includes spare parts. No other biplane was ever built in this quantity. Beginning in 1934, the Americans sold the Stearman for export as the 'Kaydet.'

The Stearmans manufactured for the U.S. Army Air Corps were the PT-13; PT-13A; PT-13B;
PT-17; PT-18; PT-27 and PT-13D. The U.S. Navy airplanes were the N2S-1;-2;-3;-4 and-5. The
primary difference between the Army and Navy airplanes, other than engines installed, was the tail wheel. Army airplanes had a fully steerable tail wheel while the Navy airplanes were equipped with a full swivel type with a lock. Most Stearmans today have subsequently been modified with the steerable tail wheel. The final version of the Stearman was the E75, designated PT-13D/N2S-5. It was the only complete standardization of an Army and Navy production design during WWII and was totally the same for both services.

Generally, all the Stearman airframes built are the same with the only major difference being the engine installed. Original engines included the Lycoming R-680 (225 hp); Continental R-670 (220 hp) and the Jacobs R-755 (225 hp). Post-war modifications include the Lycoming R-680 (300 hp); Pratt & Whitney R-985 (450 hp) and the Jacobs R-775 (275 hp). The propellers generally in use on Stearmans are the Sensenich wooden prop; the ground adjustable McCauley steel blade prop and the fixed pitch Hamilton Standard propeller.

Post-war civil requirements for surplus military Stearmans is covered by Aircraft Specification A-743. This document lists all the approved equipment allowed on a standard category Stearman and the items that must have been removed, replaced or modified when the military surplus Stearman was first licensed as a civilian airplane. Over the years there have been many models and STC’s for the Stearman Series. The Stearman makes an outstanding and fun civilian aircraft.

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